Hear from our team:

How do we deal with the key challenges of getting patients to participate in clinical research?

Why is patient participation in clinical trials important, especially patients who are traditionally underrepresented?

What opportunities do you see for early career development of Pls?

How will the PIER Consortium help address challenges with conducting clinical trials?

Can we advance research on rare diseases through multi-site collaboration?

What are the greatest challenges facing the conduct of clinical research today?

Benefits for Members

  • Infrastructure supporting internal operations of each member
  • Research and educational opportunities
  • Assistance with study design, implementation, management, and dissemination
  • Access to unique network for investigator-initiated studies
  • Integrated data warehouse
  • Competitive reimbursement model
  • Participation in academic output from clinical research


Benefits for Sponsors

  • Turn-key solution with single contracting and budget, central regulatory review, and coordinated site start-up
  • Economical and efficient mechanism to conduct clinical trials
  • Achieving top tier enrollment and data quality targets
  • Platform for population studies
  • Access to database warehouse


Benefits for Patients

  • Delivering new treatments for patients now and improving quality of life in the future
  • Engaging patients and community groups from diverse populations to increase participation in clinical research trials
  • Providing access to an extensive base of clinical trials
  • Educating the community about the value of clinical trials
  • Guaranteeing the performance of studies meet the highest ethical standards
  • Advancing science and improving patient and community well-being