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Members of PIER Consortium:

What is PIER?

The Partners in Innovation, Education and Research Consortium (PIER Consortium®) is a collaborative network of health systems, offering an entrepreneurial approach to clinical research. The focus is to accelerate clinical trials and facilitate the sharing of innovative ideas across the consortium. PIER’s unique infrastructure leverages the services, expertise and scientific leadership from each member to improve the lives of our patients and communities.

PIER Offers Solutions to Key Challenges in Clinical Research

1. Operational Innovation

Integrate resources and services across member organizations to streamline clinical research process and support investigator initiated projects.  

2. Cohort Building

Create large patient pools enabling researchers to evaluate a broad range of scientific questions- from targeting rare diseases to policy strategies for population health.

3. Informatics

Harness new technology to aggregate data from multiple sites; leverage digital health.

4. Quality Centers

Standardized training and commitment to best-in-class metrics

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