As technologies advance, and the priorities of patients, providers, and caregivers change, the focus of clinical research is shifting. Increasingly, clinical research is moving away from the traditional model of investigators and providers driving research studies, to a more patient-centric approach. As new technologies, such as electronic medical records (EMR) and telehealth, integrate into the delivery of patient care, researchers are investigating novel ways to leverage these advances. Sponsors, in turn, are seeking service providers that can help them get promising drugs to market in the shortest amount of time, at reasonable costs, while adhering to safety regulations. PIER provides a unique opportunity to its members and future partners by increasing the collective group’s competitive advantage to sponsors. Sponsors have the opportunity to network directly with a large number of academic investigators who are leaders in their fields. PIER provides funding for investigator-initiated research, along with standardized training for clinical research staff, ultimately resulting in high-quality clinical trials.



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