How We Help

Hear from our team:

How do we deal with the key challenges of getting patients to participate in clinical research?

Why is patient participation in clinical trials important, especially patients who are traditionally underrepresented?

How will the PIER Consortium help address challenges with conducting clinical trials?

Can we advance research on rare diseases through multi-site collaboration?

Benefits for Members

Access to premier clinical trials

Reduced administrative burden

Standardized and innovative training and education

Opportunities in academic output

Exchange of innovative ideas

Benefits for Sponsors

Enhanced execution of studies: one budget/one contract/one IRB

Reduced study start-up timeline

Access to high-quality sites

Internal monitoring of study conduct and protocol compliance

Integrated quality improvement measures

Benefits for Patients

Access to groundbreaking clinical trials and new treatments

Access to education and results of clinical trial

Participation in high quality and safe clinical trials

Improving community health