Jefferson Biostatistics

There is a fee for the services depending on the scope of the project.

Division of Biostatistics:• Offers collaboration with researchers on study/experimental design, protocol development, grant proposal submissions, and data analyses.
Services Offered:• Design and analysis of clinical and behavioral intervention trials including early phase trials and randomized trials.
• Design and analysis of observational studies.
• Design and analysis of basic science studies (e.g., animal experiments).
• Consultation on the design and building of data collection systems.
• Consultation on performing data analysis.
PI/Study Team:• Develop basic study question and preliminary hypothesis prior to engaging with Biostatistics.
• Engage with Biostatistics faculty and staff on design questions, including identifying relevant literature for providing data for sample size calculations
• Obtain all relevant approvals for analysis of data from human subjects.
• Provide data in appropriate formats for analysis.
Division of Biostatistics:• Meets with investigators for an initial, complimentary consult.
• Provide an understanding of proposed work, an estimate of hours, and agree on deadlines.
• Provide written results report for data analysis, including methods sections that can be used in manuscripts.
Lead Time:• Grant development: At least 3 months for most standard grant submissions (e.g., NIH R01)
• Protocol Development: At least 2 months
• Data Analysis: At least 2 months